Cruelty-Free Brands Start Here

Firstly, thank you for visiting my site – I am so happy that you have stopped by! I believe that we, the consumer, hold the power and that we CAN influence corporations to end the use of animal testing on beauty products by choosing to buy brands which are cruelty-free.

Before you head over to the brand list, please read the below in order to empower yourself to make educated decisions on which cruelty-free brands you want to buy.

The brand lists on this site have been created by myself and include:

  1. brands which are certified by cruelty-free organisations,
  2. brands which are not certified by an organisation but formally claim they are cruelty-free (Certification is done voluntarily therefore some cruelty-free brands are not certified)
  3. & some brands which are owned by companies that test on animals.

Although you may see many bunny logos printed on products in the market, below are the only cruelty-free certification logos we can trust and you will see these logos placed next to the certified brands on my brand lists:

Beauty without Cruelty & Leaping Bunny are by far the most reputable and reliable organisations. PETA does not check brands as thoroughly as the aforementioned, therefore further investigation is done on PETA certified brands before they appear on this list.  Choose Cruelty-Free is trustworthy for Aus.

Certification is done voluntarily therefore some cruelty-free brands are not certified.

Why is the Parent Company important? Buying a brand which is owned by a non-cruelty-free company is indirectly funding a company which test’s on animals.

Disclaimer: This list has been curated by myself, I am not an organisation and have no affiliations with any organisations. I have put together this list through the use of cruelty-free organisation’s certified brands lists, as well as personal research. Check the date above the list to see when it was last updated.  Have a concern or a brand to add to the list? Please feel free to contact me at