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Is Smashbox Cruelty-Free?

Is Smashbox (owned by Estée Lauder) a cruelty-free brand in South Africa? A question with MANY differing views and answers. So what are the facts?

At this very moment in time Smashbox does not test on animals during any point of their manufacturing process and do not sell their products in countries where testing on animals is required by law. They have also been certified as cruelty-free by PETA.

However, this has only been since the beginning of 2017. Prior to this Smashbox products were available in China and therefore could not be considered as cruelty-free. It is only recently that the brand has updated it’s policy to state that they will not test on animals where required by law and pulled out of the Chinese market. Smashbox is also owned by Estée Lauder Co – a parent company which has many brands that are still being sold in countries where animal testing is required by law. If you do not support buying brands owned by parent companies that test on animals, Smashbox is not the brand for you.

Opinions on Smashbox vary with many animal activists furious that PETA has certified this company which has only recently changed their cruelty-free policy. And, they have a strong point.

What’s my view? Although they have a dirty past, Smashbox have taken a step in the right direction. Just like me – less than 2 years ago I was purchasing big beauty brands that test on animals (although this was due to my ignorance, not profit).

Pressure needs to be put on the Chinese market that animal testing is NOT acceptable – products pulling out of the country (like Smashbox has) is the only way to do this. Furthermore, Smashbox products are great quality and it is a good brand to use as a transition from the likes of MAC and Bobby Brown (not cruelty-free). It is a brand that helps prevent cruelty-free beauty seekers from getting fed-up and throwing in the towel on their CF journey because Smashbox foundations work and the mascara stays!

To wrap it up – I do support Smashbox, and I hope other brands follow their lead and pull out of China putting pressure on both the country and their parent companies to rethink their animal testing policies.

What are you opinions? Let me know in the comment section below.


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