Product Review: Esse eye make-up remover

Esse is a brand that I love for many ethical reasons: certified organic, vegan, fair trade and obviously cruelty-free (endorsed by Beauty Without Cruelty and PETA). However, what makes me really, really love this brand is that they have created an eye make-up remover that honestly beats any other one I have tried! Available online at Faithful To Nature.

Esse describes it’s C7 eye make-up remover as ‘this water-based, ultra-light emulsion dissolves make-up without irritation. Thoroughly cleanses the eye area leaving eyelids relaxed and hydrated. Jojoba Oil hydrates while Aloe Vera soothes’… and I couldn’t agree more.

A far cry from my old paint stripping make-up removers, this products makes me feel like I am hydrating my skin while removing my make-up. The product takes a little time to work it’s magic (like 30 seconds or so which can feel like an age after a long day), BUT products should take some time. Can you imagine the harsh chemicals in my older products that literally stripped off mascara and left my eyes dry? My sensitive skin around my eyes does not need any of that stuff near it!

So here’s how this product works for me:

  • splash your face with warm water
  • pump an almond amount of product onto your finger tips, and rub both your finger tips together on each hand so that the product can be applied to both eyes at the same time (if you know what I mean?).
  • gently ‘move’ the Esse eye make-up remover over your damp eyes for about 30 seconds or so. This will give the product enough time to dissolve your eye make-up
  • Splash the product off, give your face a quick once over with your cleanser to get rid of your face make-up and you are good to go!

Added bonus: this product requires no wipes or cotton reducing waste.

Esse C7 Eye make-up remover really does take make-up off in the most gentle way possible. My bottle if nearly finished and I am definitely going to reach for another one soon.

Buy Esse Eye Make-up remover or other products HERE

Let me know what you think of the Esse range in the comments below. Which are your favourite products form the range?

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