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The Body Shop partners with Natura

That’s right! Towards the end of 2017 The Body Shop was bought by the Brazilian cosmetics company¬†Natura & Co¬†for an eye-watering number of dollars (read more here). Natura & Co also own Aesop and Natura – and together the three companies commit to ethical and sustainable business practices.

According to Nature Watch the company’s representatives have confirmed that Natura has a cruelty-free animal testing policy. This is BIG news for animal lovers everywhere because although The Body Shop has always been pro cruelty-free, being owned by L’Oreal Co from 2006-2017 meant that shopping at the Body Shop was indirectly lining L’Oreals pockets. This definitely tainted The Body Shop’s image and drove many cruelty-free beauty shoppers away.

The Body Shop are now not only talking the talk but walking the walk. Thank you Body Shop for taking this step in the right direction!

Images sourced from The Body Shop South Africa Facebook Page

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